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If you are visiting Dubrovnik for the first time, these are the pages for you. Here you can find various helpful information about Dubrovnik and its history, see our recommendations and choices of couple of our partners or just find some more great pictures of the area you are about to visit.


Cavtat is a beautiful little town located opposite Dubrovnik. It is filled with cultural heritage – from ancient to modern times. You can visit remains of the Roman empire, unique mausoleum of family Račić, birthplace of famous Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac, local painting gallery and much more. Take a walk next to the yachts moored in the old port, have a swim on one of many beaches around the peninsulas or eat in one of many top restaurants in town.

Historically, Cavtat is much older and in some aspect even more ...

Discover Dubrovnik

Search through our gallery of old town and see what to expect on your visit or watch some of the episodes of Discover Dubrovnik a series of short documentaries about more and less known facts about Dubrovnik and its attractions.

Find out how did some of the Dubrovnik hoods get their names, how many names does the main bridge in Dubrovnik has and many more!

Island Lokrum

Island Lokrum is located just in front of the Dubrovnik old city and is one of the most popular destinations in Dubrovnik area. Thanks to its unspoiled nature, beautiful coastline, botanical garden and historical remains it righteously holds that title. Actually, the nature here is so beautiful and diverse that the entire island was even proclaimed a reservation and protected by the state.

During the long history of Dubrovnik, Lokrum has been slightly ignored. No settlements were built here, despite the vicinity to the mainland. The only buildings on the island are those of the Benedictine ...


The ship in our logo is a M/J Roditelj (meaning „the parent“). It has been a part of our fleet for almost 15 years and helped us build our company. As his history is much longer than this small part that involved Adriana, this entire page is dedicated to this unique ship.

M/J Roditelj was built a long time ago, in 1907, in a town called Piran which is today in Slovenia, but back then, that was Austro-Hungary. Roditelj changed hands and countries numerous times during the twentieth century (six different countries to be precise), but before his travels through the decades, here's a little ...

Župa Dubrovačka

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On this page you can find a list of attractions, restaurants and accommodations which we can recommend you, based on our good experiences and their great offer. For more details about locations, check out our map.

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