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Island Lopud

Lopud is the most beautiful and popular island of the Elafiti islands group. It is located between islands Koločep and Šipan, about 5 nautical miles northwestward from Dubrovnik. Beautiful sandy beaches and great restaurants are making this island so popular with tourists during the summer.

There is only one settlement on the island, the town of Lopud, located in the long bay on the side which is turned away from Dubrovnik. Almost the entire bay is a long sandy beach, with forest coming to the sea and beautiful old houses hidden between the trees. On the other side of Lopud, there is sandy beach Šunj which can be reached with about 20 minutes of walking or by private electric cars which provide shuttle services. Šunj is famous as one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean. Beach bar can provide refreshments, and the beach is also full of additional fun.

The town of Lopud, is a great example of a island town & community. There is a Franciscan church with monastery, little market, beautiful old houses of more and less wealthy families, old piers with fishing provisions and boats, and even a small botanical garden. At the end of the town there is a modern hotel Lafodia. There are also remains of several churches and old summer houses scattered around the island.

Today, town’s population is about 250-300 inhabitants what is a lot less then former which was around 1000. In the past, the town’s sailors were widely known as experienced seamen and they even maintained a considerable private fleet which was part of the navy of the Republic of Ragusa. With the decline of the Republic, modern naval technologies and depopulation of islands, Lopud now remains as a secluded and peaceful place with a lot of history.

All this features make Lopud a great destination for rest and fun for everybody.  Sandy beaches guarantee easy access to the sea (even to the small children), rich heritage provide a lot of ground for exploring and great restaurants offer something even for more demanding gourmets.

Our program includes visiting the island as a part of the Elafiti islands tour and also as the special tour. With that tour, you can visit only Lopud, without stopping on other two islands and therefore have more free time at the island.

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