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Island Supetar

Island Supetar is located in the bay of Župa dubrovačka, in front of Cavtat, and, with Mrkan and Bobara, belongs to the group of islands called the Cavtat islands which are the southernmost Croatian islands. It is just half an hour away from Dubrovnik, and even closer to Cavtat, Plat and Mlini.

Supetar is somewhat more isolated towards the north in the inner part of the Bay, so it is the most protected island of the group and it has an almost even outline (the highest altitude is 8 m). It is uninhabited, like the rest of the Cavtat islands. Since 1975 it has been protected as a part of a special ornithological reservation due to its importance as a significant nesting ground of a large colony of seagulls. According to some data, there have been as far as 2000 nesting couples of seagulls reported on Cavtat islands. A total area of the special ornithological reservation is 38 ha.

Near the island, below the sea surface, there is a protected sight of an ancient shipwreck with 1500 amphora dating from 3rd and 4th century AD.

Robinson club restaurant and bar are located on the island, as well as various natural beaches. Secluded places of the island offer peace and quiet to all visitors. Various events are organized during summer, offering fun during day and night.

We organize cultural and entertaining events, group visits and island parties. The island also hosted   so far the only children play of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival– “The island on which the time stood still”.

Robinson club facilities include a restaurant with grill and bar for providing food and drinks. Terrace which is hidden under natural shade can comfortably host up to 200 guests. Island has a power source from its own generators and water supply via pipeline from the mainland. Sports facilities for recreation include a basketball court and a football field.

Adriana ships stop on the island as a part of the regular boat line between Dubrovnik and Cavtat, during the whole day. As it offers much more peace than the usually full beaches on the mainland, Supetar is a favorite place for everybody who discovers its charms. If you decide to visit, it will become your favorite as well. Bar and restaurant can provide you with refreshment and lunch, umbrellas can be borrowed to give you enough shade, and crystal clear sea will provide refreshing bath – especially on the northern side where the sea is constantly cooled by the hydropower plant located on the opposite side, in Plat.
You can buy a boat ticket for the visit to the island or our “Fish picnic” offer. This offer includes boat trip and the lunch with welcome drink on the island, all in the price of the same ticket. There is no extra charge for entering the actual island. This way, everybody sailing around the Župa bay in small rented boats are also welcome to the beauties of Supetar.

All facilities on the island can also be rented for private events, parties, weddings and other events in full intimacy.

So far, on the island Supetar we have hosted various events and personal requests:

Fish picnic for groups
Larger and smaller groups of various agencies (and individual organization) from all over have chosen Supetar as their destination for lunch and break after touring around Dubrovnik area. They usually visit Dubrovnik or Cavtat for sightseeing in the morning hours and then take our boats for a cruise to the island where lunch is waiting for them. Lunch can include meat or fish dishes and is usually served from the buffet table. Afterwards, it is swimming and relaxing time before continuing the tour. Visit of the groups can be arranged with our regular boat service or with renting a special boat for the cruise.

Either as a place for the ceremony or a place for gala dinner, Supetar has proven on the level of the task. We have hosted numerous weddings with guests from all over the globe with our partners from Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings. Islands privacy and more remote location guarantee discreteness even for larger groups. Upon request, we and our partner can arrange additional sound systems, live music or make other wishes come true.

Private parties
Local people and tourists visiting Dubrovnik choose Supetar for their private parties – evening parties, birthdays or just as a secluded place for swimming and having a lunch. On numerous occasions, we have also rented whole facility for massive island parties. In that case, organizers took control of supplying and supervising with renting our boats for transferring people to the island.

Our timetable for visiting Supetar is as follows:






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Returns are organized with our regular boat service.

- Please note that the island restaurant is opened only during summer season, and that the boat schedule can be modified accordingly to momentary situation

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