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Elaphite islands tour

According to one old definition, Elafiti islands are all islands throughout Dubrovnik region – from Pelješac to Cavtat. Today, we list only the islands north-westward from Dubrovnik as Elafiti. The name comes from the Greek elaphos which was the word for a stag because the shape of the islands reminded those ancient inhabitants of the stag’s antlers.

Although nowadays there are no deer on the islands, the Elafiti or the Deer Islands were first mentioned under that name by the Plinius the Old in the 1st century, in his work Naturalis Historia.

The largest island in the group is Šipan, and there also Lopud, Koločep (Kalamota), Jakljan, Ruda, Goleč, Crkvine and Daksa, and some smaller islands and cliffs like the Grebeni. With its beautiful landscape, historical remains and sand beaches they attract numerous tourists.

Adriana tour of Elafiti islands takes you on the whole-day excursion to the three most beautiful ones in the archipelago – Koločep, Šipan and Lopud. You travel on decks of our big comfortable wooden ships – Gospe od Karmena or Kupinova. They are equipped with sundecks, onboard kitchen and toilets. During the cruise, lunch (included in the price) is served and drinks are available for self-service. On the islands, stops are made for swimming on sandy beaches and exploring the islands.

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Dubrovnik - Old city port


Dubrovnik - Gruž Harbour


Koločep (Kalamota)

Koločep is the closest one to Dubrovnik and due to its proximity it is a frequent destination for the citizens of Dubrovnik. It is also the southernmost constantly inhabited Croatian island and its towns are examples of old fisherman villages of the Dalmatian area. Islands subtropical vegetation, fresh sea air, beautiful beaches, vast pine forests and olive trees make this island particularly attractive.


Šipan is the largest island in the group we visit and the furthest one from Dubrovnik. There are two inhabited places on it: Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ, which are situated in two opposite bays. There are remains of 34 churches and 42 summer houses of noble families of Republic of Ragusa. Most notable is Skočibuha’s castle which is currently under renovation but is opened for public. It is located in Suđurađ where our boats dock for a break on the island.


Lopud is the most popular island in the group. Reasons for that are long sandy beaches, numerous restaurants and many cultural attractions. In the town of Lopud there is a Franciscan church with monastery and botanical garden, converted from a former private garden. A local sailor seaman was collecting exotic plants on his journeys and planted them in his garden. Today it is being renovated and it is opened for the public. Between the numerous sandy beaches of island Lopud, beach Šunj stands out – it is located on the opposite side of the island from the town and is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Adriatic.

Among the smaller islands (which we unfortunately do not visit on the tour) are:

Daksa – Small island situated in front of Gruž, it has the old monastery hidden in the forest it can be accessed with smaller rented boats, or photographed if you depart with boat from the Port of Gruž.
St. Andrew (Sv. Andrija) - It is an uninhabited rocky island with a lighthouse. In the past, this was one of the quarantines of the Republic of Ragusa. Also, there are several cases of nobles who sent their youth who misbehaved on Sv. Andrija as a penalty.

Jakljan – A seaside resort for children and a recreation centre are situated on the island
Olipa – A small island situated furthest to the west.
There are also Ruda, Mišnjak, Kosmeč, Goleč, Crkvine and Tajan.

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