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Welcome to the pages of Adriana Cavtat boat shipping agency

Our family run business is maintaining a wide program of different excursions to the most beautiful destinations in Dubrovnik area and transfers several thousands of satisfied passengers every year. From the beaches of Lopud to the shores of Cavtat, we organize attractive excursions and visits tailored to the most of the demands.

Dubrovnik, the pearl of Adriatic, is constantly improving its offer and its’ guest have an increasingly demanding requests. City is slowly shifting to more sophisticated visitors who know how they want to spend their holidays. With more than 20 years of our experience, we are continuingly striving to improve our offer, suit the needs of the demand and provide the best sea experience of beautiful Dubrovnik coastline.

We maintain a fleet of 11 bigger and smaller vessels with different characteristics, all run by a team of highly experienced and educated, certified nautical experts. With them we provide our own excursions or lease them to agencies or individuals for private requests and excursions. Therefore, our business is based on professional and individual service oriented to clients’ wishes and needs while our goal remains to be overcoming your expectations since your satisfaction is our success.

To keep in touch with clients and guests from all over the world we work our best to build our presence online. On these pages you can find all the details about our program and offer, view the galleries, and learn more about our ships, locations and Dubrovnik area. If you are coming for a visit for the first time, be sure to check our “Learn more” section with lots of additional information about the area and history. Also, be sure to check out our “Map” section to get the grip of the area and the range of our offer.

Also, you can find via social media and share your good impressions with us.

If you are already resting somewhere around Dubrovnik and wish to book some of our excursions, keep an eye for our official logo which is present on all our materials. We have selling points in all the main ports and locations around Dubrovnik, Cavtat and Župa (and also wider) but if you have any problems or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Dubrovnik, a lot of great memories of your visit, and are looking forward to hosting you on some of our boats!

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