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Smaller Speedboats

Our fleet also consists of three smaller speedboats – CT 108 „Glassboat“, CT 110 „Sea Beast“ and CT 171. They are positioned on different locations and offer comfort and speed, ideal for fast transfers to locations close and far from Dubrovnik - Supetar, Lokrum, Elafiti, Mljet... All of them can be rented for private needs such as private cruises, excursions, transfers, sightseeing...

CT 108 „Glassboat“

„Glassboat“ is making 45 minutes panorama cruises from Old Port during the whole day. On the tour you can see the stunning city walls of Dubrovnik from the sea, island Lokrum and exclusive suburb Sveti Jakov. Also, thanks to the glass panels, you can explore the underwater beauties during the tour. Glassboat can also be rented for fast transfers or private cruises.

- Location: Dubrovnik old city harbor
- Capacity: 12 passengers
- Length: 7,5 m
- Width: 2 m
- Speed: 30 nm
- Excellent  for panorama cruises and renting

CT 110 „Sea Beast“

Sea beast is located in Cavtat and from there it sails on fast boat lines for Supetar, Lokrum, Mlini and Plat. The high speed makes the „Sea Beast“ excellent for rentals and fast transfers even to the more remote locations like Lopud or Dubrovačko primorje. Thanks to the powerful engine, you can be on your destination much faster than with usual lines.

- Location: Cavtat
- Capacity: 12 passengers
- Speed: 45 nm
- Length: 7 m
- Width: 1,5 m
- Special: Combination of high speed and capacity
- Suited for fast transfers on more remote destinations

CT 171 „Blue speeder“

CT 171 is situated in Gruž and from there it sails on private rentals throughout Dubrovnik region. It offers comfort for up to 6 persons and can be taken on the cruise around the Elafiti islands and its hidden caves or beaches, to island Lokrum, Supetar or to the cruise around Župa dubrovačka and Cavtat.

- Location: Port of Gruž
- Capacity: 6 passengers
- Speed: 35 nm
- Length: 8 m
- Width: 1,5 m
- Suited for renting and private cruises
- Special: Luxury cruising for private groups

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