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MB Vedran

Fast ships have a rising portion in passenger transportations. Their specific quality is the speed and a great installed power with regard to the size of the ship.

Adriana's flagship is MB Vedran, a fast speedboat with capacity of 44 persons. Vedran has a powerful Caterpillar engine with 435 hp which enables fast trips to remote destinations - Elafiti islands, Župa Dubrovačka and even to Mljet or Korčula. Situated in the Port of Gruž, it sails towards island Lopud or on the group transfers around Elafiti islands.

Quality hull design offers high stability even in bad weather, and spacious interior provides comfort on longer tours. Vedran owes its stability to a low center of weight – engine and passengers are situated very low and in that way improve the capabilities of the entire vessel.

- Capacity: 44 passengers
- Length: 12 m
- Width: 3 m
- Speed: 20 nm
- Great for group transfers and fast excursions

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